Why Choose Spain?

When looking for the perfect villa holidays, there are many places in the world that seem to offer great reasons for you to visit them, so why is that so many people choose Spain, and should that in turn put you off?

The reason so many people choose Spain is that it is one of the hottest destinations in Europe, and not only that but it has a huge selection of great beaches to choose from. However, just the abundance of beaches is not its only allure. A destination such as Barcelona combines one of the most amazing, cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a great atmosphere and great architecture, with a proximity to great beaches that is unmatched by almost any other major city in the world. Further South, Seville has both the buildings and history to enthral any, whilst Gibraltar will give those who yearn for a bit of ‘Britishness’ everything they need, along with the chance to literally stand side by side some of the world’s cutest and most endearing monkey as they roam the streets of the hill-top sanctuary there.

There’s not only sun and sea and sand either, but also the chance to ski too. But with so many draws and so many British tourists heading there to soak up the sun, does that mean you will literally just be surrounded by tourists? Well, this is where villa rentals come in extremely handy. With villa holidays you can have complete peace and seclusion and often find you pay no extra, or even save money, for the privilege.

Villa rentals will allow you to uncover the real Spain, experience its culture fully, but also see as much of the great history and soak up as much sun on the beaches as you like. So, if you choose a villa for your trip to Spain, it might not only be one of the cheapest and sunniest holidays you can have, but simply just one of the best all round.

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