Background of what causes cerebral palsy

A person who has a relative struggling from cerebral palsy will definitely seek for information regarding the causes of cerebral palsy. It justifies these people to seek answers for which they notice as an improbable situation of their relative. By simply figuring out this condition, they can better look after their sick relative and deal with the problem together. Here is a quick history of the disease.


Cerebral Palsy existed as early as women gave birth. While there is simply no written explanation to that, lots of analysts believe that many individuals suffered from the illness even before the in-depth research began. In 1861, the initial noted circumstance of what may cause cerebral palsy occurred under the physician Doctor. William John Little. He noticed the issue in muscular control of few children. They showed unmanageable muscle twitching, difficulty walking as well as grasping objects. At that time, he hypothesized that the factors behind the cerebral palsy has been because of not enough oxygen during childbirth, that precipitated to the brain problems.

Sigmund Freud

In 1897, this notable psychiatrist argued the philosophy of Doctor. Little, saying that the causes of cerebral palsy start even prior to birth. He pointed out the presence of mind retardation, visual impairment and seizures among the kids examined by Doctor. Little. He really thought that this problems at birth were results of an main condition which affected the development of the unborn infant. Even though his idea got smart basis, lots of people during the time, together with the medical specialist, still recognized the initial belief.

Current Studies

In 1980, the moment various medical diagnostic imaging methods took place, analysts were able to analyze the causes of cerebral palsy. With the help of technology, they had improved understanding of the disease. Whilst trauma at the time of giving birth could be a factor, it’s not the sole basis for the development of the problem. Biomedical experts are looking into alternative likely reasons which includes environment, nourishment and genes of the parents.

Now that you know how the perception of the disease evolved, your part now should be to support your affected individuals receive prompt remedy and nurture them with desire to overcome the causes of cerebral palsy.

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