Swimming Health

There are many different exercise we can participate in which can assist us in our fight to lose weight and keep fit. As exercises go, land based exercises are usually considered a better form of physical activity to lose weight and to some degree this is true. However, any form of exercise in conjunction with a balanced healthy diet and discipline will help you achieve your goals of weight loss. Swimming health is a great alternative exercise which can help you shed the pounds and lose weight.Regular swimming is a healthy way to kick-start your metabolism and burn excess calories, as well as tone most muscle groups, as swimming is one of the only exercise which works out nearly all your muscles during swimming exercise. In addition, swimming is considered one of the best anaerobic exercises which is great for your cardiovascular system, is considered a low impact exercise which means that there is far less stress put on your joints such as when running. If you have mobility problems swimming is a good way to keep your body toned and flexible.In starting your swimming health fitness routine, firstly you will need to find a swimming pool or beach. It is important when selecting a place to swim that you try to find it as close to home as possible, because research shows that people who exercise within 10 mins from home are more likely to train regularly. It is also important to find a regular routine which can help you continue your training program. If you train in the mornings you will become accustomed to swimming in the morning and your training routine will be fixed into you lifestyle. This is much better than a training routine which is not planned or fixed as you will usually find something more important which will arise and prevent you from exercising. Sound familiar?Another factor which prevents many people from entering the water is the fact that they do not feel comfortable in their swimwear. So before you consider swimming in a swim suit you would not wear at home in front of the family, let alone in a public swimming pool, go out and find yourself an appropriate swimming costume that you feel comfortable in, that has lots of support if you need it, is a good fit and covers all the bits that you want to stay covered.Lets not forget about swimming aids which can assist in improving your swimming experience. These could be as simple as choosing the correct swimming goggles, waterproof swimming aids such as waterproof mp3 players and headphones, swimming caps to help keep your hair dry and hand paddles or kick fins to help change the training routine to add a little new spice to your workouts.Getting started is an important step in the right direction, though whether you continue a regular training routine is the major hurdle to overcome. There are many who have started a training routine in spring hoping so that they will look great in summer but unfortunately something gets in the way and usually that something is excuses. Losing weight is not easy and without the right mind set, discipline and continued effort, you may find it is easier to just quit. This is where training with a friend can be all the encouragement required to continue through the early morning rises or perhaps lunch time laps. Find a training partner and you will find it easier to keep at your exercise workouts.Some benefits of swimming health as an exercise• Swimming 30 minutes per day 5 days per week will help you lose approximately 2 kilos in 6 weeks.
• Swimming lowers your blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol.
• Swimming is an aerobic workout that strengthens your heart and improves lung capacity.
• Swimming improves your circulation.
• Swimming is ideal for anyone who is overweight or has joint problems as it improves flexibility.
• Swimming is ideal if you’re obese, pregnant, have chronic back or joint problems as you are lighter in water.
• Swimming is a good start for someone who has not exercised for a while.
• Swimming can be good for the mind as well as the body. The soothing aspects of water can help relieve stress.


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